Ann-Marie’s Musical Treasure Chest

During our COVID-19 isolation, I thought you might enjoy hearing about the musical works and artists that I turn to when I want inspiration, release or just the sheer joy of listening to a certain passage thrillingly executed. The older I get the longer my list grows, and the more pleasure and satisfaction I derive from revisiting various pieces. 

I am frequently asked by audience members if I have a favorite piece or composer. I do not, I cannot narrow down my musical loves to even a few pieces or composers. But certain works at certain times seem to satisfy my musical hunger. As I thought about the pieces I want to share with you, I began to jot them down (the list expanded quickly), and I was rather surprised at what popped into my mind: some of the works (and the particular performances) date from years ago, even from my childhood and college years. I think the ideas were triggered by great memories of listening in a time when my life was mainly ahead of me and music was a tremendous passion. Music is still my life, but as you mature some of that youthful excitement tempers. Revisiting these pieces brought the memory of that intensity back. And, strangely, sometimes taking a break from what you do, no matter how much you love it, can reinvigorate you. 

My plan is to tell you about two or three special pieces per week. I am titling these discussions Ann-Marie’s Musical Treasure Chest.  While my selections might be just a wee bit skewed towards violin and string works, I will try to have a variety of repertory of all types. So that you can listen too if you are interested, I have provided links to the performances. Thank you for letting me share this with you, and I hope you will enjoy a little musical diversion. 

Click on the number below to view each week's edition:

#1                              #5  Glimmerglass        #9  High School

#2  Opera                  #6  Audience              #10  Aleda

#3   Janower             #7  Dorian                   #11  Glimmerglass

#4   WMHT-FM          #8  Poor Soldier         #12  MofM


#13  Weddings          #17  Walking               #21  Scandinavia

#14  Austria               #18  Mahler                 #22  Hyde Hall

#15  Hyde Hall            #19  Suffrage             #23  Crailo

#16  Tango                  #20  Einhorn              #24  Moon 


#25  Sites                     #29  Williams             #33  Messiah

#26  Beethoven           #30   Mozart               #34  Nutcracker

#27  WMHT-FM            #31   Siena                 #35  Winter Solstice

#28  Fenner & Dike     #32    Windham          #36   Merle Winn


#37  Christmas Oratorio