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The Match! 

Date: Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 

Location: Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site, 32 Catherine Street, Albany NY, 12202 

Times: Concerts at 1:00pm and 2:30pm, Fencing Demonstration at 1:45pm. 

Cost: Free Admission for both concerts and fencing demonstration, but reservations are required for the concerts at 1:00 and 2:30. No reservations are required for the fencing demonstration. 

To reserve your spot for this concert, please call 518-434-0834.

On April 9th, 1787, the future King George IV of England gathered his entourage to watch two of the greatest fencers in Europe demonstrate their skill with the sword: Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, a composer, musician, and abolitionist who had been born into slavery in the Caribbean but who rose to the heights of Parisian society as a free man; and Charlotte-Geneviève-Louise-Augusta-Andréa-Timothéa d'Éon de Beaumont, Chevalière d'Éon, a transgender soldier, diplomat, and spy who had upheld her right to define her own gender identity before the royal court of France. 

On April 23rd Schuyler Mansion will host a special event celebrating the identities and contributions of these individuals, and their connection to the Schuyler family. At 1:00pm and 2:30pm, the Musicians of Ma'alwyck will perform selections of compositions by Chevalier de Saint-Georges and his contemporaries. At 1:45pm, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about Saint-Georges and D' Éon and witness an exciting live recreation of their 1787 fencing match! 

This is a FREE community event, however space for the concerts is limited and reservations are required for the musical performances (call 518-434-0834). Reservations are not required for the historical presentation and fencing demonstration.


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