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Music in the Schuyler Mansion

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"Music in the Schuyler Mansion"

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Musicians of Ma'alwyck

511 Mohawk Avenue
Scotia, NY

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Update From Musicians of Ma'alwyck

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, we won't be able to perform our Subscription Concert preview at SUNY Schenectady on April 24th.  We will know shortly whether we will be able to present the concert at the Schuyler Mansion on April 26th. If we cannot present it with a live audience, we may be able to live stream it. In the meantime, we wish for all of our friends, colleagues and  members of the musical community, as much as possible, safety and good spirits. We will get through this by helping each other, by sharing a common goal of returning life to normal, and by putting on a good face, even when circumstances are difficult. Musicians of Ma'alwyck will be eagerly awaiting our next concert, whenever that will be. 

Ann-Marie Barker Schwartz

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